I did it again.

I did is again…

I pushed everyone away, if I can’t like myself why should anyone else like me. Once again I had to go and push anyone who ment something to me away, I do it over and over and over again. My life is the most depressing continuous cycle of saddness and emptyness. It’s not fair! Why cant I just be like everyone else. Why do I get cursed with the title failure and loser. Why am I not able to maintain a healthy and long relationship with ‘friends’. It’s always me who has to go and do something to ruin everything. Everything is my fault and I don’t deserve to ever be happy. I have accepted the cruel truth. 


I don’t need anyone.

I hate this entire race. All we do is tear each other down. We discriminate against one and other, kill each other, rape, molested, bully ect… We are a destructive waste of space. We don’t deserve to be as superior as we are. We use our power unwisely and selfishly. I hope one day we get a taste of our own medicine, I hope one day we can be treated the way we have treated other. We are twisted and messed up people and we do not deserve the luxurious lives we live.

All Monsters Are Human